Ongoing Scholarships
College Board Opportunity Scholarship (currently open for Class of 2022)

ACT Scholarship for 10th and 11th grade

Valencia College Foundation Scholarships

Raise.Me Scholarship (9-12) earn scholarships from schools based on your achievements

Scholarship for Undocumented Youth

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Current Scholarship Opportunities
Comprehensive list! OCPS Scholarship Bulletin  

$1000 Rumba Meats*- Student must be of Hispanic heritage. 2.5 GPA
Due 11/30/21

 $2,500 scholarship opportunity for Class of 2021 - write 500 word essay on investor fraud
Robert Wayne Pearce Investor Fraud Awareness Scholarship
Due 12/1/21

Full Tuition Scholarship Science Ambassador*- Young woman interested in STEM careers. Prepare a 3 minute mini lecture on video. 
Due 12/13/21

$1000 Spotless Cleaning Chicago- 
2-4 minute video why education is key to a better future
Due 12/30/21

 $1000 Moolah  Spot*- Student must be at least 16, any major. 400 words.  
Due 12/31/21

$10,000 Unigo Scholarship- US Citizen or resident, submit an essay on how the year 2020 impacted you.
Due 12/31/21

$36,000 Diller Teen Tikkun Olam Award- Student must be of Jewish faith and serve as a leader in a project aimed at repairing the world. 
Due 1/7/21

$1000 Project Weather- US resident or citizen, 3.5 unweighted GPA or above. Essay on why you are deserving the scholarship.
Due 1/7/22

Award Amounts Varies Central Florida Mensa- 550 word essay on career and academic goals
Due 01/15/22

$1000 Reuse This Bag*- Essay on why climate change will impact future generations
Due 02/01/22

$10,000 Kobrin Family Scholarship- Jewish Youth, plan to attend UCF.  3.2 GPA, 26 ACT or 1360 SAT
Due 04/28/2022

* Means that undocumented students can apply for these scholarships.