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Current Scholarship Opportunities
Comprehensive list! OCPS Scholarship Bulletin  

(4) $5,000 CGCS Bernard Harris Scholarship- For African American or Hispanic students that will be attending a 4 year university for a STEM degree.
Due 05/06/2022

$1,000 Charles T Smith Scholarship- Student must have the following: 3.0 GPA, 75 hours of community service, and a brief essay sharing a meaningful volunteer experience in which the applicant positively impacted his/her community.
Due 05/11/2022

$2,500 4 Rivers Black Scholarship- Student must be African American. Minimum 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale for all students. Provide a written statement and/or creative communication (e.g., video) of their educational goal and motivation for pursuing. Accepted to 2 year or 4 year institution.
Due 05/11/2022

$3,500 Ron Jon Scholarship- Student my pursue a business-related major at a Florida college or university; Demonstrate strong extra-curricular involvement; Provide an essay  regarding academic and career goals; and Provide a recommendation from guidance counselor.
Due 05/11/2022

$1,000 Neffo Scholarship- One parent must work for OCPS.  Student must have 75 hours of community service and be accepted to a 2 year, 4 year or technical school. Provide a written statement detailing his/her academic improvement during his/her high school career including current educational goals and motivation for pursuing those goals.  
Due 05/11/2022

$1,000 Halley and Parks Memorial Scholarship- Student should be on free and reduced lunch.  Family income should not exceed $80,000. Student must write an essay regarding difficulties he/she has had to overcome.  Student should include a copy of SAT & ACT scores.
Due 05/11/2022

$1,000 Sorosis Scholarship- For students that have unmet financial need for fall of 2022. 
Due 05/13/2022

Award amount varies for the Pursuit of the Arts Scholarship- Applicants must be pursuing post-secondary education in the visual or performing arts and applicants must be qualified for McKinney-Vento Act provisions, on free/reduced meal plan or otherwise documented to have been experiencing poverty or homelessness during (but not limited to) their senior year of high school.
Due 05/15/2022

(5) $1,000 CAPCO Higher Education Scholarship- Students must attend a 2-4 year university or vocational school in the fall of 2022. Students must also write an essay on the following: How do you think COVID-19 has affected and will affect the way that consumers bank long-term?
Due 05/25/2022

$3,000 Wayne M. Densch First Generation Scholarship Application- Must be a first generation college student attending Seminole State for the Fall 2022 term. Must also demonstrate financial need. 
 06/09/2022 (Final deadline)

$2,125 Lionz Alliance Florida Fine Arts Scholarship- Must be pursuing a degree in the art field and must demonstrate financial need. 
Due 06/15/2022

(12) $1,500 COVID-19 Impact Scholarship- For students who experienced significant disruptions in their undergraduate or graduate plans due to COVID-19. 
Due 06/19/2022

Award Amount Varies The Jamaican /American Association of Central Florida Scholarship- Must be of Jamaican Ancestry
Due 07/01/2022

(3) $1,000 Balanced Man Scholarship- For male students that plan to attend the University of Florida in the fall of 2022 with at least a 3.2 GPA.
Due 07/15/2022

$500 The Pro-Care Medical Track Scholarship- For high school or college students that plan on studying to become a nurse, doctor, chiropractor, or another medical specialist.
Due 06/01/2023

$500 Save the Everglades Scholarship- For students interested in majoring in a science
or political discipline.

Due 06/01/2023

$500 The Lessons In Your Home Scholarship!- Studying aspects of music, music business,  performance, or production (major or minor in any music school program.)
Due 06/01/2022

* Means that undocumented students can apply for these scholarships.