HOPE Waiver Form

HOPE Waiver Form

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Interscholastic High School Extracurricular Sports:

This waiver can only be used by performing student athletes who have participated in one interscholastic sport at the junior varsity or varsity level for two full seasons. This waiver shall satisfy the one credit HOPE requirement in physical education. ROTC is the only other extracurricular activity for which a waiver can be used. OCPS chose the HOPE option, therefore things like Marching Band do not apply.

Interscholastic extracurricular sports are interpreted as those sanctioned by the School Board of Orange County and/or approved by the Florida High School Activities Association (FHSAA).

Full Season:

A full season (in the FHSAA sport) is defined as attendance and participation in both the practices and competitive events from the allowable first day of practice as designated by the FHSAA to the elimination of a team from the FHSAA tournament competition. A minimum of 95% attendance at both practices and events will be required to meet this requirement. The high school coach must verify that the student has met these guidelines through the Athletic Director. The waiver form must be signed by the Athletic Director as well as the coach.

Steps Student Needs to Take In Completing the Waiver Process:

1. Secure forms from the school counseling department. (see link above)
2. Read instructions carefully to see if they qualify.
3. Complete Sections I and II.
4. Have Athletic Director and Coach complete Section III after the first two sections are completed in full.
5. Return the completed waiver form to your school counselor to be reviewed for accuracy and to input waiver codes into academic transcripts.

Attention Parents and Students:
Parents and students may elect to enroll in a HOPE Course at any time regardless of this waiver option.

Topics covered in the HOPE course:

  • Communication/Relationships
  • Community and Environmental Health
  • Family Life
  • Injury Prevention and Safety
  • Internet Safety
  • Nutrition
  • Mental and Emotional Health
  • Personal Physical Health
  • Prevention and control of Diseases
  • Substance Abuse