Frequently Asked Questions

Library Media Center Mission Statement


School library media programs enable students to learn. Through promoting reading appreciation, teaching information literacy skills, providing access to intellectual resources, facilitating critical thinking and independent learning, Orange County Public Schools library programs contribute to student achievement and the support of lifelong learning.


Goals and Objectives

To empower its users to be independent life-long learners and readers and to be effective users of ideas, information, and technology. To collaborate with other teachers to design learning strategies to meet the needs of individual students. To provide relevant resources to satisfy the curriculum and recreational needs of its users. To create a welcoming user-centered environment staffed by skilled, committed and caring professionals.


Frequently Asked Questions

When is the media center open?

  • 6:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  • You may come before and after school without a pass.
  • During class a pass is required from your teacher.
  • Lunch visits are also available on select days.


Food and Drink

  • Food and drinks may not be brought into the media center.


How do I locate a book I want to read?

  • From school or from home use our Follett Catalog (Launch and then Library Research Tools), searching by author, title, or subject. See any media staff member for help in locating materials.


What kinds of things may I check out?

  • Fiction and non-fiction books
  • Graphic novels
  • Biographies
  • College and career books
  • SAT, ACT, AP and other testing books
  • Children’s picture books
  • Audio Books
  • Spanish books


How many things may I check out?

  • Books-5 at a time
  • Audio books-1 at a time.


How long may I keep the items I checked out?

  • Most books may be kept for two weeks. Some reference and college and testing books have shorter checkout times.


How do I check out a book?

  • Bring the items you want and your ID card to the circulation desk. You must have an ID card to check out a book.


What if I don’t have an ID?

  • We will make you a replacement ID for $5.00.
  • Your first ID is free when you are a new student at Apopka.

Take care of it. If you lose it you will have to replace it at a cost of $5.00.


Where do I return the items I have checked out?

  • Everything should be returned to the book drop located at the media center circulation desk.


How will I know when to return the items I borrow?

  • The best way to know when your books are due is to look at the date due card in the back of your book.
  • You may also look at your Destiny record to see what you have checked and when it is due if you have created a Destiny account.


How do I create a Destiny account so I can look at my Destiny record?

  • Library Resource Materials
  • Follett Destiny


Do you charge fines?

  • Yes. Overdue fines are .10 per day per book. If you have fines or overdue books you will need to pay your fines and return your books before you may check out more materials. Weekends and holidays are not counted.


What happens if I lose a book or it is damaged while I have it checked out?

  • You are responsible for anything that is checked out in your name. If you lose it or it is damaged, you will have to pay the replacement cost of the item. Never check out a book for a friend because you will have to pay the cost if he or she loses or damages it.


What are the advantages to creating an account on Destiny?

  • See what you have checked out and when it is due, including any fines or holds you have placed
  • Renew an item yourself from home or school
  • Send book recommendations to friends with Destiny Quest features
  • Add to the Media Center “Wish List” when you want us to buy a new book
  • Add Reviews to books you like so others can read your review
  • Add books to your list that you want to read in the future
  • Set preferences if you want friends to see what you are reading or want to read next
  • Look at the “Recent Arrivals”-new books the Media Center just purchased
  • Destiny will make suggestions for books you might like based on what you already have read


How do I print from the computers?

  • Printing is .10 per page in black and white. .25 for color