Parking Permit

Parking Permit
Parking Permit
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Apopka High School

2019-2020 Parking Application

School officials have the right to search any vehicle on OCPS property



  1. Car registration(s) [max of 2]; must be registered in the name of parent, guardian or self.
  2. Valid driver’s license. The address on your license must match the address we have on record at the school.
  3. Proof of insurance (current, not expired). STUDENT NAME MUST BE ON INSURANCE (Card or Policy Page)
  5. $55 for underclassmen or for any senior that doesn’t wish to paint their spot (tax included) for full year or semester. Payment must be made via provide receipt and required documentsto receive parking permit).
  6. $85 for any seniors that wish to paint their spot (tax included) for full year or semester.Payment must be made via provide receipt and required documents to receive parking permit).
  7. Parking permit will be sold before school or after school.


_________________________                      ______                        __________________                        __________________________

Student Name                                    Grade             Student Number                    Florida Driver’s License #



OBLIGATIONS CLEARED:   Media Center _______________________            General _________________________

            Staff Signature (Print Last Name)                         Staff Signature (Print Last Name)



Vehicle #1: ________________________________________________________________________________________

                        Make                Model                         Color                           Year                Tag Number


Registered Owner’s Name _______________________ Relationship to Student ___________Phone # ________________



Vehicle #2: ________________________________________________________________________________________

                        Make               Model                           Color                          Year                Tag Number


Registered Owner’s Name _______________________ Relationship to Student ___________Phone # ________________



I _______________________________________ as a prerequisite to the issuance of a parking permit, understand and have read the parking regulations and consent to all policies concerning the restrictions, conduct of person, search of vehicles with due cause, and safe, courteous operation of the vehicle while on campus.  I also understand that failure to abide by the terms of this agreement will result in disciplinary action and/or revocation of the parking permit for an indefinite period of time after review by the administrator in charge.  I further understand that this shall serve notice that Apopka High School and the School Board of Orange County are not liable for any vandalism to, or theft of or from, vehicles parked on this property.


Student Signature _________________________________________ Date ____________________


Parent Signature __________________________________________ Date ____________________


For Office Use Only

     ___ Driver’s License   ___ Student ID  ___ Current Insurance/Registration

_______ Parking Spot/Tag #

Sold By:______________________  Date Sold: ____________


Rules and Requirements for the purchase of and Maintaining a Parking Permit at Apopka HS

  1. In order to purchase a permit for the current school year, the student must be currently registered at Apopka HS.
  2. The parking permit must be displayed at all times while on campus.
  3. Students are only allowed to park in the designated student parking lot and students are only allowed to park in his/her reserved parking space if applicable.No Exceptions.Students parking in a space not assigned to them, parking in an unauthorized area, or who do not move their vehicle at the time designated will forfeit hanger and are subject to towing.
  4. The parking permit are non-transferable, and therefore, the student is not allowed to give, loan, or sell his/her parking permit to another student.Doing so will result in forfeiture of the permit. In such cases, the student will be responsible for purchasing another permit at the cost of $55.
  5. Students must leave their cars immediately upon parking them on campus. No sitting in vehicles allowed.
  6. The administration has the right to suspend or revoke a parking permit for violation of school or district policy, including unexcused and/or excessive absences or tardies.
    1. If a student is late to school five times during a nine week marking period, their parking permit will be suspended for 10 days.
    2. If a student receives 2 level 3 referrals or a level 4 referral during the school year, the student may also forfeit their parking permit for the remainder of the school year.
  7. Cars are not lockers. You will not be able to access books or materials stored in your vehicle during the day.
  8. No parking allowed on sidewalks, or in spaces marked RESERVED. No parking on curbs or any grassy areas.
  9. The student must follow the state, county, and city driving laws, including reporting accidents, following the posted speed limit, etc. Failure to follow driving laws will result in immediate suspension of the parking privilege.
  10. The speed limit for the parking lot is 5 mph. Reckless or dangerous driving will result in revocation of parking permit
  12. Report lost or stolen parking permit to AHS Administration immediately.The cost of a replacement permit is $10 and the student will not be allowed to park on campus until a replacement permit is purchased.
  13. If a student has to forfeit their parking permit during the school year, Apopka HS will not refund the cost of purchase.


Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) / Apopka High School (AHS)

Consent to Search-Waiver of Liability

The undersigned student hereby applies to the Orange County School Board for a student parking permit.  In making this application, I understand, acknowledge, and agree to the following conditions as a prerequisite to, and in consideration for, the issuance of a student parking permit that authorizes me to drive and park on an Orange County School Board school campus.

  1. I agree that it is a privilege, not a right, to have an OCPS/AHS student parking permit and drive or park on an OCPS campus. I agree that if I fail to comply with OCPS/AHS policy or the conditions contained in this application, OCPS/AHS has the right to immediately suspend or revoke my permit and parking privilege.
  2. I agree that the student parking permit I am issued and the parking lot are the property of OCPS/AHS.
  3. I hereby waive any expectation of privacy in ANY VEHICLE (and its contents) that I drive or park on an OCPS/AHS campus.
  4. I give consent and authorize OCPS/AHS, its employees and agents, and any law enforcement officer of any agency located within the State of Florida, to open and search any vehicle and its contents that I drive or park on an OCPS/AHS campus at any time, without prior notice or additional consent and without my knowledge or presence. I specifically waive the provisions of Florida Statute 232.256 and consent to the use of animals, such as dogs, trained to detect weapons or drugs.
  5. I understand that if I refuse to cooperate with the search of a vehicle pursuant to this agreement, OCPS/AHS may have that vehicle towed or removed from the school’s campus at the owner’s expense.
  6. I agree that I am responsible for the contents of any vehicle I drive.
  7. I agree that OCPS/AHS and its officers, agents or employees, and any and all law enforcement personnel shall not be responsible and are released from liability of any theft, loss or damage to my property or vehicles while on an OCPS/AHS campus.
  8. I agree that OCPS/AHS, its employees and agents, and all law enforcement agencies are hereby released and held harmless from all liability, claims, or damages, connected in any way with the search of the vehicle while on an OCPS/AHS campus, or the removal of a vehicle as provided herein.
  9. All automobiles parked on school property must be registered with the school and must display the current hanging decal from the vehicle’s rear view mirror. Vehicles must be parked front end first.


By signing this form, I agree to adhere to the policies stated on this form.


__________________________________________________ ____________   

Student Signature                                                                                     Date


_________________________________________________ (Printed Name)