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OCPS Financial Aid Night Recorded Session (from 9/16/20)

OCPS College Presentation & Financial Aid Night (in Spanish) Recorded Session (from 9/17/20)

FAFSA Information

Florida Financial Aid Application (aka Bright Futures) Information

Ongoing Scholarships
College Board Opportunity Scholarship (currently open for Class of 2021 and 2022)

ACT Scholarship for 10th and 11th graders

Valencia College Foundation Scholarships

Raise.Me Scholarship (9-12) earn scholarships from schools based on your achievements

Scholarship for Undocumented Youth

Horatio Algers Scholarship- 2.0 gpa, multiple scholarships National, State, Career & Technical

 National Scholarship searches- Fast Web and

Current Scholarship Opportunities
Comprehensive list! OCPS Scholarship Bulletin      

  The Dream. US Scholarship
Undocumented Youth- DREAMers who have DACA, TMS or arrived in US before 11-1-15
Deadline 3/4/21

New! Amazon Black Employee Network Scholarship- 3.0 gpa,Black or person of African descent
$20,000 to senior planning on majoring in computer science or supply chain-related field
Deadline 3/4/21

New!  Petals of Hope Scholarship- Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority- essay, 2 letters of rec 
$1,000 female students, 3.0 unwt gpa, at least 1100 SAT or 22 ACT
Deadline 3/5/21 (click on all 3 links below for full application package)
Scholarship Info    Application    Letter of Recommendation

New!   Coite and Mildred Hill Scholarship- $2,000 for Students attending FSU or UF
Deadline 3/8/21- Return completed applications to Ms. Roberts (802)

New!  Sallie Mae Fund's Bridging the Dream Scholarship Program
Minority, marginalized or underserved students, 1st gen. Must be US Citizen & Pell Eligible
Deadline 3/8/21

New!  2021 Orlando Chums Scholarship- $1,000 & may compete for national $5,000 scholarship
Female, African-American students w/ demonstrated financial need, leadership & involved in school, community & extra-curricular activities
Deadline 3/10/21

New!  Lockheed Martin Vocational Scholarship-
$6,600 for student pursuing STEM major in technical college or 2 year college
Deadline 3/11/21 at 4 pm

New!  Rotary Club of Apopka- Apopka Sr. attending college, university or technical college
Min. GPA of 2.5, 2 letters of recommendation, 300 word essay re: Rotary 4 Way Test
Due 3/15/21

 New!  Kenard Lang Foundation Tackle Your Talent Scholarship
$1,000, 2.5 gpa & community service
Deadline 3/15/21

 Central Florida Merle Evanchyck Epilepsy Scholarship- $1,000-$2,500
Student or family member must be diagnosed with epilepsy
Deadline 3/15/21

New! 2021-2022 Health Central Auxiliary Academic Scholarship
$2,000- Senior attending college & majoring in health related field, 3.2 gpa
Deadline 3/31/21

  Jason Beaird $1,000 Scholarship- 3.0 gpa & minimum of 30 community service hours
Deadline 3/17/21

New!  Central Florida Hotel & Lodging Association Scholarship
3.0 accepted to study hospitality & attend UCF Rosen
Deadline 3/19/21

New! Central Florida Hotel & Lodging Association Scholarship
3.0 accepted to study hospitality at Valencia
Deadline 3/19/21

New! 2021 Alpha Kappa Alpha, Psi Theta Omega Chapter Scholarship
$1,000, African-American female, 2.5 gpa
Deadline 3/21/21

 Seminole State College Wayne M. Densch First Generation Scholarship
1st gen demonstrating financial need seeking an AA
Deadline 3/26/21

FAMU Florida Region National Alumni Association Scholarship
attend FAMU, community service and 3.0 gpa
Deadline 3/26/21

 Henry T. Wetherall Scholarship- $1,000, essay & letter of recommendation required
Due 3/29/21

New! Connie Joyce Davis High School Scholarship
Ivy Tea Rose, Inc. partnered w/ Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority- Nu Iota Omega Chapter
African- American female students attending HBCU, 3.0 gpa, leadership, community service
Deadline 3/31/21

New! HBCU High School Scholarship
African-American students (male or female) attending HBCU, 3.0 gpa
Deadline 3/31/21

New! Florida A & M University Alumni Association Scholarship
Must be accepted to FAMU, 3.0 unwt gpa
Deadline 3/31/21

 Super Power Scholarship- 250 word essay on which villain or superhero
would you like to change places with for a day
Deadline 3/31/21

Southern Scholarship Foundation- Rent free housing!
3.0 GPA, financial need & community service
Must attend FAMU, FSU, UF, FGCU, Santa Fe, TCC or Flagler
Deadline 4/1/21

New! Lockheed Martin STEM Scholarship- $10,000- major in STEM field, attend 4 yr university, demonstrate financial need & come from underrepresented/ underserved communities
Deadline 4/1/21

New! 2021 University Behavioral Center Scholarship- $500
750 word Essay re: mental health challenges for self or someone close to them
Deadline 4/16/21 (return to Ms. Roberts in Student Services)

 Signal Lights of Zellwood Station Scholarship, $1,000
Deadline 4/16/21

New!  National Daughters of the American Revolution- Essay regarding Revolutionary War
Deadline 4/5/21

 New! The Metropolitan Florida Chapter of the Drifters, Inc. Scholarship
$750, 2.8 gpa
Deadline 4/5/21

 Kobrin Family Scholarship- $10,000 person of Jewish faith attending UCF
Deadline 4/29/21

 American College Foundation's Visionary Scholarship Program- grades 9-12
Essay on "Why College is Important to Me"
Deadline 5/1/21

 New! 2021 Great City Schools-Bernard Harris Math and Science Scholarships, $5,000
African-American or Hispanic Sr. planning to major in STEM field, 3.0 gpa
Due May 4, 2021

New!  Brooks Law Group Spring 2021 Scholarship, $250 or $1,000, essay re: student debt
Deadline 5/7/21

  Unigo Fifth Month Scholarship
$1,500- 250 word essay on what the number 5 means to you
Deadline 5/31/21

 PB & J Scholarship- for students who have experienced personal challenges that made it difficult for them to perform well academically, $500-1,000, for 2 or 4 year college
Deadline 5/31/21 

 New! Wilhelmina Foundation Textbook Scholarship
pay for textbooks for Florida students attending college
Due 6/1/21

  Do Over Scholarship-$40,000- 250 word essay on having a "do over in life"
Deadline 6/30/21