Graduation Live Stream

Live Stream of Graduation can be seen by clicking HERE.


Students should arrive and be in the arena by noon.


Doors open for guests at 1 p.m.


The ceremony will begin promptly at 2 p.m.


Dress code:

                Males: Dark Pants, White collared shirt, Tie (bow ties are acceptable), Dark shoes(preferably black) and dark socks

                Females: White Dress or Slacks and blouse, White Dress shoes or sandals

Unacceptable attire: Sneakers, Flip flops, T-shirts, Jeans.


No Cell Phones will be allowed for students.  All cell phones will be turned in prior to passing through security for students.  They will be returned after the ceremony.  We ask that students leave the phones with family or in the car as distribution after the ceremony can be lengthy.


Guests: We request that you not bring items to the graduation site that may detract from the dignity of the ceremony or create any action which interfere with the ceremony. Individuals who cannot comply will be asked to leave the premises.


We earnestly request that you refrain from individual demonstrations of enthusiasm for your particular graduate and that you join us all at the conclusion of the presentations of diplomas with a strong show of pride and congratulations. Thank you in advance for demonstrating your support for us in giving our ceremony the dignity and honor it deserves.